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The House of D'Innocenzi

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Abby Sandlin is a Nashville interior designer who wants everyone to think she has it all together. She doesn’t. She’s fighting to keep her business afloat and drowning in litigation from her husband’s accidental death. An answer to her financial woes is within reach: a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity to direct the interior restoration of a historical property dear to her heart. Unfortunately, there’s a catch. It means working with a man who sees right through her act—a man she fears is nothing but trouble. She has no idea how right she is.


Nicco D’Innocenzi needs the world to believe he’s a successful venture capitalist. In reality, he’s Marco Russo, a man on the run from his powerful Sicilian mob family. The last thing he needs is a woman complicating his life, but he may be the only thing standing between Abby and bankruptcy. He could save her and redeem himself for a multitude of past sins. It’s a slippery slope forcing them both to drop their façades. He’s in her business, she's in his, and the pull between them is hard to resist—until his past comes calling. Nicco’s worst fears are realized, and Abby learns there’s far more at stake than her business and her heart. It may be her life that’s on the line.

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