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It's a Brand New Name!

After walking around this dilemma for well over a year, I've adopted a Pen Name!

Hello, my name is Suzanna Ford.

It was a very hard decision, but since there's a Susan Bickford whose mystery novel debuted in 2017 and a non-fiction writer with the same name, I knew I'd have to go with a pen name or deal with confusion. Slowly but surely, you'll see the changes, the new domain name, the new name appearing on all the socials. For a while, I'll be using both names, but don't be surprised when Suzanna Ford appears in your Facebook friends list, on Twitter, and on Instagram (Suz4d). 

A friend asked how I chose my pen name, so I'll share here, as well. Close friends have called me "Suz" for years, and Ford is the last half of my name. Ford is a name close to my heart since my grandfather, uncle, and husband all worked for Ford Motor Company. The name wasn't taken by another writer (very important!), and it fits the tone of my writing. What really made my decision, though: it felt like my name more than any other I thought of. If I have to give up my name, I'm very happy with my new one!

Just call me Suz!


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