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His job is to bury the truth.

Her job is to uncover it.


No matter how it's framed, the truth will destroy them both.


When journalist Callie Burkhardt started a fan site for Hollywood's premier golden boy, she never imagined it would net her a biography-writing gig. Though her spidey sense is pinging, the book deal is a dream come true, and golden boy's cousin, her primary source, is HOT. Reason enough to take the job.



Texas farm boy turned A-list restaurateur Jace Sloan wants away from the toxic drama surrounding his famous cousin's marriage, but he owes them his success so he agrees to distract Callie from digging too deep. Soon their undeniable chemistry leaves Jace torn between loyalty to family and the need to shield Callie from his cousin's world of debauchery and deceit.


Despite Jace's efforts, there’s no diverting Callie from unearthing a long-hidden truth better left buried. No matter how it’s framed, she stands to lose—Jace, her book deal, and everything she believed was true about her past. 

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