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Circle in Time

She wants to change the world. Be careful what you wish for...


Physicist Rhiannon Morgan would rather view the impending epic solar storm from Cardiff University's observatory; not an option when her attendance is required at a renaissance faire that traditionally doubles as family reunion. To escape the oppressive heat, and even more oppressive history, Rhiannon follows a mysterious faire participant into a shady stone chapel--and wakes on the high seas with Welsh shipbuilder Payn ap Gruffydd, a 15th Century Lancastrian loyalist and confidant to the future Henry VII. She's in 1483, trapped in the tempest that ended Tudor's first attempt to take Richard III's crown. They weather the storm, but the trouble's just begun.


When Henry joins them, Payn introduces Rhiannon as his new wife, a claim he takes seriously. Rhiannon must find her way back to her own time before her presence alters how events unfold. But asking Payn to abandon his duty to Henry in Brittany isn't an option; that could pose an even greater threat to the future. The longer she stays with Payn, the stronger the bond between them grows, and the harder to choose between her duty to the future and the love she's found in the past.  

Stay or go--choosing wrong will rewrite history. 

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